Mail Services

How you can send items by courier

The University has a DHL account which you can use to send items of mail on behalf of your department, faculty or the school.

Your delivery options

Items can be sent internationally, and DHL provide next day delivery. The deadline for same day courier collections is 2pm. 

Estimating cost and payment 

To send an item using DHL, download and return this form to or print it out and take it to the Mail Room. The Mail Services team can then provide a quotation.  

You can recharge the cost of shipping by providing a Project or Agresso code

Arranging courier collections

The Mail Room can arrange for items to be collected and delivered to the University of Bath.

Where to go 

The Mail Room is located in Wessex House and is accessible from the Parade, through the double doors near Barclays Bank.
Opening hours:
Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm

Weekends, closed

Contact the Mail Services team

To discuss specific delivery and collection options available to you, contact the Mail Services team.