Placement year funding

During your undergraduate studies you may be required to undertake a work or study placement. Lots of different factors could affect the amount of tuition fees you will be charged and, if eligible, the amount of student support you can receive - for example, the length of your placement, whether it is paid / unpaid or in the UK / Overseas.

Student Money Advice has put together leaflets to explain the complex issue of student finance during a placement year. 

Please choose the placement leaflet and then the appropriate insert:

We also have some information regarding tax and National Insurance

Other sources of funding

Alumni Fund Grants

Students can apply for a grant towards the costs of a placement via the Alumni Fund

Unpaid Placement Bursary

This is a new bursary awarded to help support you if you are planning to take up a full-year unpaid placement period as part of your degree course in 2017-18.  To be eligible for an award you must meet all the following criteria:

  • you are a UK Home student
  • you commenced your undergraduate course in 2012 or later
  • it is your first placement in 2017-18
  • your placement is considered as a full-year unpaid placement
  • you are in receipt of the Bath Bursary.

There are 40 awards available worth £2000 each.

How to apply

All eligible students will be sent an application form by email.

Please make sure you have read our full terms and conditions before submitting your application.

Please note: The Unpaid Placement Bursary is for full-year unpaid placements only.  If you are undertaking study abroad, ERASMUS, thin sandwich or a paid placement  (or a combination of) you are not eligible to apply.  The scheme is also not open to franchised foundation degree programmes.  Please contact Student Money Advice for further guidance on what other financial support may be available to you.

Discretionary Internship Bursary

Non-repayable grants worth up to £2,000 are available to UK Home undergraduate students who meet certain eligibility criteria; undertaking internships, research or project related opportunities, voluntary placements etc. These can be undertaken at any point on your course but must be outside of a normal placement year, unless you are undertaking an unpaid Erasmus work placement or Study Abroad placement. For students undertaking an unpaid Erasmus work placement or Study Abroad placement you can be considered for an award for additional costs associated with the placement.

Awards will vary depending on the length of the opportunity, and consideration will be given to applications which may enhance your employability or provide a social benefit. Funds are limited and no guarantee of an award can be made.

Information about eligibility criteria

Please contact Student Money Advice to make an application or to request the full terms & conditions.