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Disposing of waste

If you're a member of staff or a student, you can arrange for Campus Services to collect types of waste that can't be recycled.

General waste

You can find general waste bins around campus for rubbish that can't be recycled.

Office equipment

If you're a member of staff and need to move to a new office or clear out your work area, we can help you move furniture and other equipment.

Moving to a new office

If you need help moving items, contact the Portering team who will assess what needs to be moved and let you know about any charges.

When you're clearing out your office, make sure you recycle whatever you can. For extra recycling facilities, contact the waste team.

Getting rid of unwanted items

If you have any University-owned items, like office furniture or printer paper that you don't need, you can advertise them on the Swap Shop.

If you'd like to give away or sell personal items, you can use the Noticeboard or the community larder .

Confidential waste

If you need to dispose of any confidential, sensitive, or personal paper, you can have it shredded.

Hazardous waste

Read the hazardous waste management policy to make sure you know what kind of waste is defined as 'hazardous', who has responsibility for it, and how it should be stored and removed.

Arrange a hazardous waste collection

To arrange a collection of hazardous waste, contact the waste team.

If the Hazard Waste Manager approves your request, we will arrange a time with you to collect the waste from your building.

Make sure that all items are put into a secure storage area before the agreed collection time.

Waste collection days

We collect different types of waste from University buildings each day of the week.

Day Waste
Monday Confidential waste
Tuesday Furniture and bulky items
Wednesday Hazardous waste
Thursday IT equipment
Friday Furniture and bulky items

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