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Recycling on campus

What you can recycle at each of the campus recycling points and how to arrange collection if necessary.


Put your used batteries in an envelope or box labelled, 'batteries' and leave them by your nearest waste collection point. Your building's Portering team will remove them.

You can also leave used batteries at a battery recycling point on campus. These are at:


Please flatten all cardboard. Place it beside your nearest general waste bin, or somewhere agreed with your building's Porter. We will collect it and take it to the cardboard baler for recycling.

Carpet tiles

The University's main flooring contractor, Bath Contract Flooring, recycle all old carpet tiles when they replace the flooring around campus.


If you have CDs to recycle, please contact the Waste team so they can arrange a collection.


You can leave clothes at either of the two clothing banks for The Children's Society at the north of the campus by the student residences, or at one of the British Heart Foundation clothing banks at:

Electrical items

To recycle electrical items, please contact the Waste team to arrange a collection. It is illegal to dispose of electrical items in the general waste.

You can also contact the Waste team to arrange collection for larger items or large quantities.


If you have any unwanted furniture or items that others might find useful, you can advertise them on the University’s Swap Shop. You can also ask your building's Portering Team if they know of anyone who might want your furniture.

If you would like us to remove unwanted furniture, contact the Waste team . After arranging a collection, please put your items out for disposal on the arranged date.


There are mixed glass recycled bins at bin stores across the University.

There aren't many individual bins for glass in staff kitchens, so you should separate any glass from other rubbish and agree a suitable place for collection with your building's Portering team.

Light bulbs

If you need to change a light bulb in your office, please report it as a maintenance request. We will dispose of the burnt-out bulb and install a new one for you. It is illegal to dispose of light bulbs in the general waste.


You can recycle metal food and drink cans in recycling bins around campus.

You can recycle:

  • aluminium cans
  • steel cans
  • food tins
  • foil Aerosol tins

You can't recycle:

  • hard metal items
  • cutlery

If you have any scrap metal, please contact the Waste team to arrange a collection.


Your office should have paper recycling bins.

You don't need to remove staples from the paper before disposing of it. The waste paper is diverted away from landfill and is sent to UK paper mills for processing and reuse.

If you need more bins, please contact your building's Portering team.

You can recycle:

  • magazines
  • newspapers
  • catalogues
  • junk mail
  • white paper
  • white envelopes
  • shredded paper
  • sticky notes
  • brown paper

You can't recycle:

  • plastic folders
  • bindings
  • wrappers
  • brown envelopes


You can recycle plastic waste in bins across campus, including:

  • drinks bottles
  • milk bottles
  • yoghurt pots
  • food trays
  • plastic cups
  • plastic tubs

You can't recycle:

  • black plastic
  • carrier bags
  • cling film
  • coffee cups
  • polystyrene
  • hard plastics
  • juice cartons

Printer ink cartridges and toners

The Managed Print Contract includes the recycling of old printer cartridge and toners. When they deliver a new cartridge, the Print Unit will remove the old one.

If you are using a printer that is not included in the Managed Print Contract, our waste contractors are able to recycle most of these products. Place the cartridges next to the bins and label them for disposal. If possible, leave them in the original packaging. The Portering Team will remove them when they collect the general waste. Please do not dispose of cartridges in the general waste.

Find out more about University printers.

Tetra Paks and juice cartons

If you need to recycle cartons, you can use the recycling bank located between The Quads and Solsbury Court.

You can recycle all types of milk, drink, and liquid food cartons in this bank.

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